Special Programs

Leisure Science Program
The Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management offers leisure science and wellness courses to help students develop an appreciation, knowledge of and understanding of the importance of exercise in daily living.  Leisure science and wellness courses also enable students to develop a satisfactory level of skill in leisure time activities. Emphasis is placed on developing an individual lifetime activity program to improve health related fitness components.

A complete list of Leisure Science courses can be found on the UALR Online Catalog.

Arkansas Coaching Endorsement
Students who are interested in coaching in the State of Arkansas are required to obtain a Coaching Endorsement. Below you find information pertinent to obtaining this endorsement through the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management:

General Information

  • Students wishing to coach athletics in the State of Arkansas must obtain a Coaching Endorsement from the Arkansas State Department of Education.
  • All individuals enrolled in teacher licensure programs who wish to coach, will have to wait until completion of their degree program and until they have received an initial teaching license.
  • Students who have teaching licensure from another subject area who complete the HHPS coaching endorsement course of study will meet requirements for an Arkansas coaching endorsement.
  • The BS in Health and Exercise in Secondary Education offered in the Department of Health, Human Performance, and Sport Management includes all required courses necessary for the Coaching Endorsement.
  • After obtaining an Arkansas Teaching Licensure, students may then add the Coaching Endorsement by:
    1. Completing the 21 hour required program of study:
      • HSCI  3302 Exercise Physiology
      • HSCI 2372 Care & Prevention
      • HSCI 3372 Advanced First Aid
      • HSCI 3210 Teaching Ind. Sport
      • HSCI 4350 Teaching Methods PE
      • HSCI 3310 Coaching Theory
      • BIOL1411 Intro to H. Anatomy OR HSCI 3402 Kinesiology
    2. Praxis: # 10091 Coaching