History Institute Fellows Dinner (REVIEW)

University History Institute—Fall Dinner for Fellows and Life Members—November 18, 2010    

The University History Institute had its annual fall dinner for Fellows and Life Members at Acadia Restaurant on the evening of November 18. The guest speaker was Andres Chao, Consul of the Mexican Consulate at Little Rock

Institute Dinner 1.jpg

Dean Deborah Baldwin, Consul Andres Chao, and University History

Fellow and President Jack lavey

Consul Chao spoke after the dinner on the problems Mexico currently faces and the future of Mexican relations with the United States.

Institute Dinner 2.jpg

Consul Chao’s After Dinner Talk

The presentation was followed by a question and answer session in which Consul Chao graciously responded to numerous questions from those attending. The dinner was another of the special events participated in by members of the History Institute who join as Fellows or Life members.

Institute Dinner 3.jpg

Elaine Scott- Institute Board Member and Life Member, Paula Johnson-

Member, and Frances Ross, UALR History Department

Institute Dinner 4.jpg

Dr. Bobby Roberts-Institute Board and Life Member, Dr. Charles Hathaway-

former Chancellor of UALR, and Dr. Betty Hathaway-Institute Board and

Life Member