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B.A. in History/Secondary Education

History/Social Studies Education

In Arkansas, individuals who want to teach history must complete a teaching license in social studies, grades 7-12, with a possible add-on licensure for grades 4-6.

Our department offers an excellent program for the preparation of social studies educators.  Our alumni teach throughout Arkansas, go on to graduate school in history, public history, and education, and work in local museums as educators.  In the history-social studies education program, students gain experience in research, writing, and discussion in history, geography, political science, economics, and behavioral sciences, as well as practical teaching experience through 3 field placements in local schools.

This program requires that students take a major in History/Secondary Education, a minor in Social Studies, and a minor in Secondary Education.


Dr. Kristin Dutcher-Mann
Social Studies Education Coordinator

Dr. Jim Ross
Social Studies Education Assistant Coordinator

Program of Study

Core Curriculum (44 hours)

English and Communications (9 hours)

RHET 1311
RHET 1312
SPCH 1300

Math (3 hours)

MATH 1321 or 1302

Science (8 hours, choose 2 classes)

ANTH 1415 (recommended)
ASTR 1301/1101
BIOL 1400
CHEM 1409
ERSC 1302/1102 (recommended)
ERSC 1303/1103 (recommended)

Humanities (3 hours, choose 1 class)

ENGL 2337
ENGL 2338
PHIL 2320

Fine Arts (6 hours, choose 2 classes)

MUHL 2305, ARHA 2305 and DRTH 2305

World History (6 hours)

HIST 1311
HIST 1312

U.S. Cultures and Traditions

POLS 1310

Individuals, Cultures, and Societies (6 hours, choose 2 classes)

ANTH 2316 (recommended)
PSYC 2300 (recommended)
SOCI 2300 (recommended)
GEOG 2300 (recommended)
POLS 2301 (recommended)
CRJU 2300
ECON 2301 (recommended)
GNST 2300
RELS 2305

Foreign Language (0-9 hours, 2000-level proficiency required)

SPAN 1311, 1312, 2311 recommended

Major in History (30 hours)

U.S History I and II (History 2311 and 2312) 6 hours

U.S. History electives  6 hours

World History electives 6 hours

Arkansas History (History 4355) 3 hours

Seminar (History 4391 or 4393) 3 hours

Social Studies Teaching Applications (HIST 4397) 3 hours

HIST 4309 or other upper level elective

Minor in Social Studies (15-21 hours, can double-count as core classes)

6 hours geography (GEOG 1311, 2312 recommended)
6 hours political science (POLS 1310, 2301)
3 hours economics (ECON 2301)
6 hours social studies electives (choose from ANTH 2316,PSYC 2300,

SOCI 2300)

Minor in Secondary Education (18 hours)


Mrs. Rene Carson
Licensure Advisor 

Dickinson Hall 324

Dr. Karina Clemmons
Secondary Education Minor Coordinator

2.75 GPA, completion of 60 hours, C or better in Composition, Speech, and Math, passing scores on Praxis Core Academic Skills tests in reading, writing, and math – test code 5751-  required for admittance to Block I

Block I (Sec Ed. 3210, 3110 – 3 hours - recommended junior year)

2.75 GPA, completion of Block I with C or better, C or better in all content area courses required for admittance to Block II

Block II (Sec Ed 4321, 4122, 4123, 4124 – 6 hours - recommended senior year)

2. 75 GPA, completion of Block II with C or better and passage of Praxis  required for admittance to Block III (last semester prior to graduation)

Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test – Code 5751
Basic reading, writing, mathematics –

Praxis II Exams (Content Area)
Social Studies: Content and Interpretation – test code 5086 – must pass prior to student teaching block III

Principles of Teaching and Learning Exam, grades 7-12  test code 5624 (Recommended along with Block III or after Block II)

To add a grades 5-6 endorsement, take Praxis II 5623: Principles of Learning and Teaching, grades 5-9

Add-on Coaching Endorsement

21 hours of additional coursework in health science (HSCI) may be taken to obtain a coaching endorsement.  Contact Dr. Bennie Prince,, for more information.21 hours of additional coursework in health, human performance, and sports management may be taken to obtain a coaching endorsement. 


Updated 1.3.2014