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B.A. in History

The UALR History Major at a Glance (from Fall 2011)


HIST 1311 History of Civilization I* (3 hours)

HIST 1312 History of Civilization II* (3 hours)

HIST 2311 US History to 1877 (3 hours)

HIST 2312 US History since 1877 (3 hours)

HIST 4309 The Historian’s Craft (Methods Course)

Senior Capstone Seminar (selected topics offered each year)


6 hours of upper-level US electives

6 hours of upper-level Non-US electives

6 hours of upper-level electives

* These classes are also a core curriculum requirement at UALR

A history major must complete 36 credit hours of history, including History 1311, 1312, 2311, 2312, and at least 24 hours of upper-level history courses (including The Historians Craft, Senior Capstone Seminar, and 18 hours of electives).

The program must include at least six upper-level hours of United States history and at least six upper-level hours of non-United States history.

Additionally, history majors with senior status (90 or more hours including UALR and transfer work) must take at least one three-hour seminar prior to graduation. Depending on the subject matter of the seminar, the seminar can be counted as partial fulfillment of either the six-hour upper-level blocks or as an elective within the 24 upper-level required hours.

History as a Minor
A minor in history requires 18 credit hours, including History 2311, 2312, and 12 hours of upper-level history courses.
Further Guidance

All students are advised to take History 1311 and 1312 before taking upper-level courses in European history, and History 2311 and 2312 before taking upper-level courses in American history.

Students preparing to study history beyond the bachelor’s level are strongly advised to master at least one foreign language before graduation. Also, many graduate programs now require training in quantitative methods appropriate to historical research. Students preparing for advanced work should seek specific advising from a member of the department at their earliest opportunity 

Updated 5.4.2011