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Minor in Race and Ethnicity

Minor in Race and EthnicityUALR History Department in conjunction with the
UALR Institute on Race and EthnicityJohn Kirk, PhD
Donaghey Professor and Chair, History

Michael Twyman, PhD
Director, Institute on Race and Ethnicity

Advisors:  John Kirk, PhD
John W. Miller, Jr. PhD

Required courses (6 hours)
[Beginning 2012 – 2013 Academic year Race 2301 will be offered in the fall semester and Race/HIST 4356/5356 will be offered in the spring semester.]

RACE 2301 – Introduction to Race and Ethnicity
HIST/RACE 4356/5356 – History of Race and Ethnicity in the United States

Elective courses (12 hours selected from the list below and others as added and approved)

ANTH                  3312 North American Indians
ANTH                  4398 Race and Human Variation
CRJU                  3310 Race, Ethnicity, and Crime
GEOG                 2312 Cultural Geography
JOUR/MCOM       4384 Special Topics:  Images of Minorities in the Media
ENGL                  3326 African American Literature I
ENGL                  3327 African American Literature II
ENGL                  4350 Black Women’s Activism and Literature
SOC                    3340 Experiences of Black Americans
SOC                    3330 Minority Groups
SOC                    4395 Special Topics:  Native American History
HIST                    3355 American Civil War and Reconstruction 1848-1876
HIST                    3371 Colonial Latin America
HIST                    3380 The Indian in American History
HIST                    4327 Africa in World History
HIST                    4328 South Africa in World History
HIST                    4338 Holocaust
HIST                    4358/5358 Civil Rights Movement Since 1954
HIST                    4368 African American History to 1865
HIST                    4369 African American History from 1866
HIST                    4378 The History of U.S.-Latin America Relations
PHIL                    4373 Philosophy of Race
MGMT                 4391 Employment Law
MUHL                  3361 Jazz History and Styles
SPAN                  3335 Las Culturas de Las Americas

SPAN                  4361  Afro-Cuban Literature and Culture
SPCH                  4312 Intercultural Communication

Updated 4.25.2014