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Student Spotlight | June 2012 | Mason Collar: Business Abroad in Europe and Costa Rica

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Graduating UALR Business Marketing major, Mason Collar is glad he took the opportunity to study business abroad.  In the summer of 2010 he took his first study abroad trip to Germany, and during the past spring break he joined the UALR College of Business on a short-term travel course to Costa Rica. With his new perspectives on business, he will now begin his career search with an international mindset.


Life is all about creating stories to be able to tell others.  Studying abroad is another one of my experiences that I can share with people.  Studying abroad is an opportunity that no one should waste – if I could go back and start my college experience all over again, I would make sure that I study abroad for at least an entire year of my undergraduate studies. Studying business in different cultures is very interesting because you will find many variations in the different aspects of business.




On my first study abroad program I went to  Erfurt, Germany for three weeks where I was studying with students from 14 other countries from around the globe. Being with other international business students, it became obvious that culture effects everyday business.  During my trips abroad I had to deal with the differences in cultures face to face. On my week long study abroad trip to Costa Rica I was a part of the UALR International Business group who learned all about sustainable business practices. 




Even though both of my study abroad programs were less than a month each, I find it truly amazing how much a person can learn when they are placed in a situation where nothing is in their comfort zone, where what they know and expect is not the norm. Because of my study abroad experiences my interests and goals have developed and I am excited for what lies after graduation.  



I strongly recommend that UALR Students study abroad.  Business students who study abroad will quickly realize that business is cross-disciplinary, and there is a lot to be learned by gaining international perspectives.  For students interested in more details about my study abroad experiences, please contact me via e-mail at