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June 1st, 2012

Student Spotlight | June 2012 | Mason Collar: Business Abroad in Europe and Costa Rica

Graduating UALR Business Marketing major, Mason Collar is glad he took the opportunity to study business abroad.  In the summer of 2010 he took his first study abroad trip to Germany, and during the past spring break he joined the UALR College of Business on a short-term travel course to Costa Rica. With his new […]

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December 4th, 2007

Traveling Abroad

When I left the country and traveled overseas, I expected things to be different. I eagerly awaited new experiences and anticipated encounters with foreign peoples and cultures. I expected and even banked on broadening my mind and opening my heart to new ideas and ways of knowing. But I didn’t expect to learn so much about myself and my home. I knew the experience would change me, I just didn’t

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