Freshmen Housing

First-time, full-time freshmen are required to live on the UALR campus as part of the residential community.  National and institutional research has documented that students living on campus are more successful in making academic progress.  UALR students living on campus have higher grade point averages and complete more credit hours leading toward improved retention and graduation rates.

UALR designed West Hall with Freshmen success as a top priority.  The pod-style floors, low RA to student ratio, and Living Learning Communities offer maximum resources to support first year students.

Freshmen who have accepted a UALR scholarship, such as CLC, EIT, Donaghey, EAST or Science, must live on campus as a condition of the scholarship.

Non-UALR scholarship recipients may be exempt from the Freshmen housing requirement for the following reasons:

  • Students residing within a 25 mile radius of the UALR main campus, and who are residing with a parent or legal guardian during the school year;
  • Students 21 years of age or older;
  • Married students;
  • Parents or legal guardians living with a dependent;
  • Veterans of active military duty;
  • Participants in programs not on main campus (Benton Center, on-line programs, etc.);
  • Transfer students who have attended college since graduating from high school (except summer).

First-time, full-time Freshmen meeting one of the conditions described above do not need to file an exemption request.

Students with other mitigating circumstances, such as a medical condition or financial hardship, may apply for an exemption.  A completed exemption request form along with any supporting documentation should be mailed to the Housing Office by July 01.  Allow two weeks for committee review and notification by letter to the address provided on the form.