Housing Staff


Debbie Gentry
Associate Dean of Students/
Executive Director of Housing
Email: dsgentry@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Randy Henslee
Assistant Director for Facilities
Email: rlhenslee@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Rikki Turner
Assistant Director for Residence Life
Email: rdturner@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9892
Yuliana Mondragon
Business Manager
Email: yxmondragon@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Jeff Newton
Systems Specialist
Email: janewton@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9990
Gena Girard
Administrative Assistant
Email: gxgirard@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Denise Yancey
Administrative Assistant
Email: dyyancey@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743


Leanna Payton
West Hall Director
Student Development Specialist
Email: ljpayton@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9904
Marc Glidden (Interim)
University Village Director
Student Development Specialist
Email: mdglidden@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.565.5544
Elizabeth Roshell
East Hall Director
Graduate Assistant
Email: ejroshell@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9901
Joshua Wildman
North/South Hall Director
Graduate Assistant
Email: jdwildman@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9770

Learning Communities Coordinator
Email: *@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9511

Gregory Hawkins
West Hall Night Receptionist

Verna Fleming
Night Receptionist

Katelyn Bowen
Administrative Assistant
Email: krbowen@ualr.edu
Phone 501.565.5544
Fax: 501.565.3487