Housing Staff


Debbie Gentry
Associate Dean of Students
Executive Director of Housing
Email: dsgentry@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Randy Henslee
Assistant Director for Facilities
Email: rlhenslee@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Rikki Turner
Assistant Director for Residence Life
Email: rdturner@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9892
Yuliana Mondragon
Business Manager
Email: yxmondragon@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Jeff Newton
Systems Specialist
Email: janewton@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9990
Gena Girard
Administrative Assistant
Email: gxgirard@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743
Moshelle Helms
Administrative Assistant
Email: mlhelms@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743


Leanna Payton
West Hall Director
Student Development Specialist
Email: ljpayton@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9904
Fax: 501.661.1757

Yolanda Whitfield
Learning Communities Coordinator
Email: yrwhitfield@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.661.1743

Virginia Slothour
Night Receptionist

West Hall Resident Assistants

Talethe Collins
Maroon 117
Taylor Hoffard
Gray 117
Jimmy Johnson
Maroon 217
Brittany Connell
Gray 217
Danny Jiminez
Maroon 317
Sarah Melero
Gray 317
Wesley Baltimore
Maroon 417
Ashley Johnson
Gray 417
Dustin Rhodes
Maroon 517
Aundreya Sanders
Gray 517
Kevin Watts
Maroon 617
Quay Allen-Smith
Gray 617


Ricky Harris
East Hall Director
Email: rrharris@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9901
Fax: 501.661.1757

Verna Fleming
Night Receptionist

East Hall Resident Assistants

Hannah Loomis
East Hall 108
Brenttia Clayton
East Hall 211
Shante Ford
East Hall 213
Felicia Jackson
East Hall 311
Matt Quantz
East Hall 313
DeAndre Lewis
East Hall 413
BriAnna Branson
East Hall 511


Christina Cordell
Apartment Manager
Email: crcordell@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.320.9660
Fax: 501.661.1757

Commons Apartments Resident Assistants

Gortrell Cox
North Hall 120
Roderick Henderson
North Hall 220
Brittany Wright
North Hall 320
Carrie Owens
North Hall 420
Vernon Wilson
South Hall 120
RaNita Johnson
South Hall 220
Zaccary Dandurand
South Hall 320
Justin Smith
South Hall 420


Tracy Collier
University Village Director
Student Development Specialist
Email: txcollier@ualr.edu
Phone: 501.565.5544
Fax: 501.565.3487

Karen Leake
Administrative Assistant
Email: kmleake@ualr.edu
Phone 501.565.5544
Fax: 501.565.3487

University Village Resident Assistants

K’Andra Perkins
Coleman Court 213
Renata Shirlee
Coleman Court 234
Shanice Hood
Coleman Court 413
Jonathan Tolentino
Coleman Court 436
Brady Redman
Dairy Lane 513
Caleb Mitchell
Dairy Lane 516
Calton Davis
Dairy Lane 535
Paige Mason
Dairy Lane 534