Gaming FAQ

Can I connect my game console to ResNet?

Xbox 360/1 – Microsoft has changed the way Xbox Live and the Xbox web browser work.  You must have an active internet connection and be signed in to Xbox Live before the console will allow you to open the web browser.  This is a catch 22 on the ResNet network because you cannot obtain an active internet connection until you log in to ResNet.

Playstation 3/4 – A Playstation3 can connect with no issues.  A Playstation4 requires that you be logged into Playstation Network before you can open a web browser.

WII – Not at this time.

However, Housing IT and UALR Central IT are currently exploring options to allow game consoles to log into ResNet and connect to the internet.

Is World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, or Diablo III safe to play on ResNet?

The Blizzard launcher uses peer-to-peer to download news and updates to the launcher itself.  Unfortunately, at this time, there is no way to disable this peer-to-peer transfer.  However, each game has their own .exe.  Simply browse to the install directory and launch the .exe that is directly associated with the game.  For example, with World of Warcraft, the desktop shortcut runs launcher.exe.  However, if you browse to the World of Warcraft install directory, you will see wow.exe and wow64.exe.  Launching either one of those will bypass the launcher, allowing you to play the game.  Be careful, Blizzard updates their games every Tuesday.  If a large patch is coming out for a game, the launcher will run regardless of which .exe you use.

Can I play StarCraft II without getting redirected?Yes, as long as you launch the game a certain way.  You can be redirected playing StarCraft II even if you have P2P updates disabled.  When the Blizzard launcher updates, it uses P2P and you cannot disable that.  So the best way to avoid this is to not run the Blizzard launcher, and here’s how to do it.  In the StarCraft II directory, open the Support folder.  In that folder is an .exe called Sc2switcher.  Launch the game from that and you will bypass the blizzard launcher.  Be sure to replace any shortcuts you may have on your desktop or else where with the Sc2switcher.