Workers’ Compensation

An employee who has been injured while on the job must fill out a Workers’ Compensation claim form. You may be eligible for benefits including medical care and income replacement under workers’ compensation. THIS SHOULD BE DONE EVEN IF YOU DO NOT PLAN TO SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION. You may pick up a claim packet from the Department of Human Resources or download the forms from the Human Resources’ website.

Employees should immediately notify their supervisor of an injury. If the injury is life threatening, seek emergency care immediately. All forms must be completed and returned to Department of Human Resources within 48 HOURS of injury.

All employees seeking initial medical attention must see a doctor on the Public Employee Claims Division (PECD) Preferred Division provider list. You may also seek medical care at UALR Health Services or St. Vincent Family Clinic located at 4202 South University Avenue. All referrals and follow up appointments must be approved in advance by Public Employee Claims Division. Please contact Department of Human Resources for this list or access the Public Employee Claims Division Preferred Provider List.

Employees must complete Form N and Form PECD 1 and give forms to employee’s supervisor.

The supervisor will complete Form I-A1  and Form PECD 2 and submit all four forms to Human Resources within 48 HOURS of the injury.

The Department of Human Resources will review the forms and submit claims to PECD for processing. PECD will determine whether an employee is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.