New Hire/Rehire Paperwork Packet

The New/Rehire Paperwork Packet should be completed by persons who have never been employed by UA Little Rock before, have not been employed by UA Little Rock for a year or more, who have terminated from a benefits eligible position and are in a terminated status, or who are moving from a non-benefits eligible position to a benefits eligible position (or vice versa).

Please note that all forms with asterisks (*) are required forms that must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources on or before the new employee’s hire date.

Welcome Letter

Departmental New/Rehire Employee Processing

UALR IDs, Networks and Systems Access Information

Concurrent Employment

Board Policy 405.2

Campus Safety Information

1. Personnel Data Sheet *
Requires presentation of an original Social Security Card or Social Security Number Verification Form obtained from Social Security Administration. The SSN Verification Form may be used initially to be processed for payroll; however, the replacement card must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources immediately upon its receipt.

2. W4 Form *

3. Arkansas State Tax Withholding Form *

4. I-9 Form *
A list of acceptable documents are included. Original, unexpired documents must be presented at the time the packet is submitted to the Department of Human Resources.

5. Alcohol Drugs the Law You *

6. Drug Free Workplace Policy

7. Drug Free Acknowledgement Form *

8. Direct Deposit Authorization Form *
Requires voided check or document listing the account number and transit routing number

9. Board Policy 425.2 Form *
UALR employees are eligible to participate in employee only contributions to the Optional Retirement Program through a Supplemental Retirement Annuity (SRA) Plan.

10. Selective Service Form *

11. Acknowledgement of Benefit Policies *

12. Health Insurance Marketplace Coverage Options Notice

13. Conflict of Interest Policy and Forms *

14. Employee Disclosure Requirement and Restrictions Notice (2 Forms) *

15. Employee Disclosure Certification and Employment of Family Members Form (2 Forms) *

16. Code of Ethical Conduct (Board Policy 335)

17. Code of Ethical Conduct (Board Policy 335) Acknowledgement Form *

18-Title IX Poster

19-Title IX Acknowledgement Form*

20-Authorization to Operate a Motor Vehicle*