HR Training and Development

As the state’s only metropolitan university, UALR provides a strategic focus on the needs of the community by creating active links between the campus, community, and commerce.

Training and Development Philosophy

To advance this agenda, UALR must employ talented, motivated employees and encourage them to commit their full effort in the pursuit of excellence.  Each individual retains the ultimate responsibility for his or her career planning and continuous growth and development.  Supervisors will stand as full partners in supporting UALR staff and faculty to develop their full potential.

We believe that as an employee, you should:

  • Pursue continuous growth and development while striving to excel in your current role.
  • Own your individual development plan, seek and pursue learning experiences and build productive relationships with staff and faculty.
  • Capture and share your skills, experiences and aspirations to become the best “you” you can be!

Development through Experience, Exposure, Education

When preparing to participate in training and development, it is important to identify specific activities that will teach you the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your career.  These should be a combination of Experience, Exposure and Education activities designed to provide the highest potential for learning and growth to occur.

Experience is learning by doing, through new roles or on-the-job “stretch” situations with measurable performance outcomes.  Experience provides the greatest practice field by acquiring and refining knowledge, skills, and behavior.  Examples of experience-based development may include:

  • Work with others in the organization to improve or redesign a work process.
  • Create and communicate a formal presentation to a group within or outside UALR.
  • Lead a new change effort that does not have the required support (e.g., leveraging a new process or system).

Exposure is learning by observation, through rich feedback and connections with others to produce fresh personal insights and broadened perspectives on current role and development goals.  Examples of exposure-based development may include:

  • Showcase your skills by volunteering to participate on a task force or special team.
  • Build a network of peers (inside and outside UALR) for exchanging ideas, tips, and best practices.
  • Participate in a mentoring relationship that provides career guidance while building a long-term, trusting relationship.

Education is learning by instruction from an expert, through classroom instruction and online courseware. Increasingly, the web has become a source for just-in-time learning through forums, communities, blogs, and online problem-solving resources.  Examples of education-based development may include:

  • Participating in a training and development course that addresses key competencies needed for success in your current role. Or, to help you gain skills needed for a future role.
  • Take part in a best practice webinar.
  • Enroll in leadership development programs.

At UALR, your Human Resources Department is excited to introduce new and exciting learning opportunities in 2016.  Click on the Training Calendar link to learn more and enroll today.