Concentrations for Online BAIS Majors

Working with an online advisor, each student develops an individualized program of study. Students select three concentration areas (disciplines or interdisciplinary areas) and take a minimum of 18 hours (typically 6 courses) in each area selected. At least 2 of the concentration areas must be located in the College of Arts, Letters, and Sciences and the College of Social Sciences and Communication. The third area may be located within those 2 colleges or in other colleges. See the list below for details.

In addition to the three concentrations, all BAIS majors must take two required major classes.

  • IDST 3350 Reasoning Across the Disciplines – to be taken in your sophomore or junior
  • IDST 4350 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone


Available concentrations within CALS and CSSC:

  • History

HIST 2311

HIST 1312

12 hours of upper level HIST electives

  • Philosophy and Religious Studies

PHIL 1310

RELS 2305

PHIL 1330 or 2350

3 hours of upper level PHIL

3 hours of upper level RELS

3 hours of upper level PHIL or RELS

  • Political Science

POLS 1310

POLS 2301

12 hours of upper level POLS

  • Psychology

PSYC 2300

15 hours of upper level PSYC electives

  • Professional and Technical Writing

18 hours of upper level RHET electives

  • Sociology

SOCI 2300

SOCI 3383 or SOCI 3384

12 hours of upper level SOCI electives

  • Legal Studies (6 of the following courses, but no more than 3 from any single discipline)

CRJU 3301

CRJU 3307

CRJU 3312

CRJU 3396

CRJU 4301

MGMT 4391

PHIL 1330

POLS 3325

POLS 4350

POLS 4351

RHET 3315

RHET 3316

RHET 3317

RHET 4306

RHET 4317

  • Criminal Justice

CRJU 2300

15 hours of upper level CRJU electives

  • Speech Communication

SPCH 2310

SPCH 3320

12 hours of upper level SPCH electives


Areas available outside of CALS and CSSC:

  • Health Sciences

18 hours of upper level HHPS electives