Before Registration

New students will have several holds preventing class registration. You must satisfy each requirement before registering for class. Since some of the requirements may only be fulfilled in person, new international students will register for class only after arriving to the United States and attending orientation.

Immigration Reporting

To ensure that new students complete the mandatory reporting requirements, international students will have a hold that will only be lifted after attending International Student Orientation. 

Notes on the Immigration Reporting Hold

  • All new and transfer F-1 and J-1 international students will have this hold to require their presence at orientation.
  • This hold be removed once students attend orientation with immigration documents. Simply reporting to ISS does not satisfy this hold.
  • The hold will be lifted at the end of orientation if students submit all required immigration documents.
  • IELP graduates who will be undergraduate or graduate students this year are required to attend orientation.
  • Other returning international students are not required to attend orientation and should not have this hold.

Health Screening

Prior to registration, all international students must be screened for tuberculosis (TB) in the United States and present record of 2 doses of MMR. The screening for TB can be done at Student Health Services, located in the Donaghey Student Center room 102, or through a primary care provider. Additionally, record of 2 MMR vaccinations should be provided in English, prior to registering for classes. The UALR Student Center administers these vaccinations at the university for a fee.

Compass Placement Tests

Undergraduate only

Undergraduate students who have not submitted an SAT or ACT score take the Compass Placement Tests in Reading, Writing and Mathematics. These tests will assess your proficiency in these categories to determine whether foundational classes are needed prior to your enrolling in the Core Curriculum for each subject. Tests will generally take about 2 hours to complete, but are not timed. You must schedule an appointment with Testing Services. The Compass Test must be complete before you are advised for classes.

Advising for Classes

Every student must be advised before registering for classes. Undergraduate students will visit the Advising Center to visit with an Academic Advisor to help help put your degree into perspective.  Undergraduate transfer students who have been accepted to major field of study will be advised by their department. Graduate Students will contact their Program Coordinator for advice on where to begin their program of study.

Find your academic program to coordinate your advising session.

Once your holds are lifted, you may register for class.