Since F-1 and J-1 student visas are designed for full-time study in the United States, students must be careful to only use the employment categories designed for their student status. International Students may be permitted to seek work authorization in the following categories:

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Applying for a Social Security Number (SSN)

International students are eligible for an SSN only upon receiving an on-campus job offer, receiving CPT authorization or receiving the Employment Authorization Document (EAD). Eligible students who have only recently entered the United States for the first time in F-1 or J-1 status will need to be present in the country for at least 10 days before applying for an SSN.

After completing work authorization forms with ISS for an on-campus job or CPT, you will receive an SSN Support Letter from ISS. Take this letter, along with your job offer letter from your employer to the Social Security office in the Federal Building (get directions). If you received an EAD card, you can apply for an SSN without an SSN letter from ISS.

It may take up to 1-6 weeks for you to receive your SSN card. After you have received your SSN, you can complete your paperwork in Human Resources. You may not begin working until you have work authorization from ISS, your SSN, and have completed all HR paperwork.

One Social Security Number will be issued for you in your lifetime. If you leave the U.S. and return in the future, this will still be your Social Security Number. You may request replacement cards if yours is lost or stolen. Take great care in not losing or divulging your SSN, as identity theft and electronic crime may be committed with your personal information.

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