Health Insurance

All international students are required to purchase health and accident insurance provided through UALR and maintain coverage year‐round, as per UALR Board of Trustees Policy 502.6

Premiums for insurance coverage are assessed twice a year on a six-month basis: Half is assessed at the beginning of fall semester and half is assessed at the beginning of spring semester. Each international student’s account on BOSS is automatically charged for health and accident insurance. Please be aware that insurance premiums cannot be added to the deferred payment plan offered by UALR and must be paid in full both fall and spring semesters.

International Student Health Insurance is currently offered through the Lewer Agency based out of Kansas City, Mo.  For more information regarding the policy and benefits, visit the UALR LewerMark website.

Be aware that:

  • Insurance Rates are subject to change for students entering in the spring and summer semesters.
  • Insurance Rates may increase each year.

Pharmacy Reimbursements

Students can now use the Pharmacy Reimbursement Claim Form to send their pharmacy receipts to Lewer for reimbursement instead of coming to the office.  Simply fill out the form, follow the instructions listed on the form, and send the packet to the address provided.  We will still assist in submitting pharmacy receipts if needed.

Learn how to download your insurance card.

Learn how to file an insurance claim.

Learn about dental and vision coverage.