2014 Substance Abuse Treatment Providers Survey
Client: Arkansas Department of Health
Start Date: 1/2014| End Date: 3/2014
Mode: Field Survey

This study entails a self-administered paper survey conducted with Arkansas substance abuse treatment providers (approximately 100+ clinicians and administrators). The purpose of the survey is to allow the Arkansas Department of Health better understand how to adapt evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions to meet the unique physiological, psychological, and social challenges facing persons with substance abuse issues by asking questions about tobacco attitudes and behaviors, resources and infrastructure, and influences on smoking behavior.

2014 ACT Junior/Senior Survey
Client: UALR
Start Date: 1/2014| End Date: 3/2014
Mode: Telephone

This project entails a telephone survey of approximately 1,200 students and 1,100 parents of students who are currently High School Juniors or Seniors in a four county area (Pulaski, Saline, Faulkner & Lonoke) and have taken the ACT exam in the past year. The SRC conducted the same survey in 2008. This project will enable the SRC to compare current perceptions and attitudes with those of 2008 regarding UALR, UCA, and Pulaski Tech as options for college attendance.

2014 University District Neighborhood Survey
Client: South University Avenue Neighborhood Project
Start Date: 1/2014| End Date: 4/2014
Mode: Telephone

This is a telephone survey of adults living in communities near the main UALR campus. The goal of the survey is to gain a better understanding of the attitudes and opinions of people living in the University District concerning community issues.

Arkansas Tobacco Quitline Evaluation Survey

Client: Arkansas Department of Health
Start Date: 10/1/2008 | End Date: n/a – ongoing
Mode: Telephone & Web

This is an ongoing survey conducted as a four and seven month follow-up evaluation for individuals who have enrolled in the Arkansas Tobacco Quitline program.