MPA/JD Concurrent Program

The concurrent MPA/JD degree program allows students to earn cross credit for specified courses, which may be applied to the requirements of both degrees.  Students must complete all requirements for the JD degree as specified by the UALR Law School and all requirements for the MPA as specified by the MPA program.  Students participating in the concurrent program may save as many as 27 credit hours of course work.  Under this arrangement, a full-time student can complete the MPA/JD degree in four years.  Completion of the concurrent MPA/JD program opens many doors to careers in the public sector.  Knowledge of the law is vital to both appointed and elected officials at the federal, state, and local levels of government. Likewise, knowledge of how government works is vital to the practice of law in public organizations.  For more information about the requirements for the concurrent MPA/JD program visit the Graduate School Catalog.