Enroll in Classes

Core and required MPA classes have an “advisement flag” that requires the permission of the MPA Graduate Coordinator before a student can enroll in a class.  To receive permission to enroll in classes, students need to complete the course approval form and obtain their advisor’s approval; this form must be submitted to the MPA program office.

To complete the advisement form, students should consult with their advisor  and check the course schedule for the semester to gather the requisite information for completing this form, i.e. Course number (PADM 7301), Course Name (Profession of Public Administration), and the Course Reference Number (CRN).

The form goes to the MPA Graduate Coordinator for processing.  The student is notified by e-mail that the “advisement flag” has been removed.  Students can then enroll in their courses.

Other courses do not require the permission of the Graduate Coordinator to enroll.