MPA Scholarships

The MPA program awards four very limited scholarships each year as one-time only awards.  If you are interested in applying for one of these scholarships, please read the descriptions below and inform either a faculty member or the MPA coordinator that you want to be considered for one.  NONE of these scholarships are ‘need-based’ only; i.e. you don’t have to meet some sort of limited income level to be awarded the scholarship.  Instead, we award these scholarships with primary consideration to student performance and with some thought of the intent of each scholarship.  Each scholarship award is decided by the faculty after consulting a list of current students in our program as well as those students who have indicated an interest in receiving an award.   The scholarships are described below:

Henry Alexander Scholarship (often called the Arkansas City Management Association scholarship) is awarded in September each fall by the ACMA in its annual meeting. Generally, each of the three MPA programs in Arkansas are awarded one each (limited by the ACMA’s own funding limits).  Preference given for students
interested in urban government, especially city management.  Award amount varies. This year it will be $500.  The scholarship is named after the UA-F faculty member who began the MPA program first at Fayetteville.

Cy and Betta Carney Scholarship is awarded each April/May. Named after Cy and Bette Carney, two strong patrons of strong policy and public management in the State of Arkansas.  Their son, Cy Carney, is a former City Manager of Little Rock; their daughter
is a graduate of our MPA program.  Scholarship is $1000.

Carl Max Milam Scholarship is awarded in April/May. Max Milam is a former Chair of the Department of Political Science at UA-Fayetteville and was the founding director of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Indeed, Max Milam was the principal author of the major reorganization under Winthrop Rockefeller back in the sixties that created more of a centralized administrative structure in Arkansas state government.  The scholarship was created by the Milam family in honor of his service through his daughter, Sherry Dahlstrom, a one time instructor and employee in
IOG.  Scholarship is normally $1000.

Public Administration Alumni Scholarship
is awarded each April/May.  This scholarship is jointly sponsored by the UALR and MPA Alumni organizations.  The MPA Alumni organization is one of the largest alumni groups among graduate programs on campus. Scholarship is normally $1000.

If you are interested in any of these scholarships, talk to any of the faculty in the program for they make the nominations and final selections for each award.  Final nominations and decisions will be made by April.  Scholarships will be awarded at the MPA Graduation Ceremony in May.