Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation

Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation

UALR’s Graduate Certificate in Conflict Mediation is interdisciplinary with courses in communication, law, social work, public administration, education, and psychology.

Professional conflict managers assist individuals and groups in reaching agreements in cases ranging from employee grievances to child custody agreements. Elective courses allow you to tailor your program to various interest areas like school mediation, dispute resolution programs, or family mediation.

Program Learning Objectives

  • Gain grounding in theory of conflict
  • Understand causes and effects of different types of conflict on people and communities
  • Develop skills in practice, design, and evaluation of different types of conflict

The certificate requires 18 credit hours for completion or you may select individual courses for your own professional development. Some of these courses may satisfy elective requirements for other UALR graduate programs. Courses are offered in the evenings, weekends, or online. Students must possess an undergraduate degree with at least a 2.7 cumulative GPA and submit an application at

Required Courses:

  • SPCH 7323 Conflict Analysis & Intervention 3 Hours (Fall)
  • LAW 6329 Mediation 3 Hours (Spring)
  • SPCH 7324 Negotiation 3 Hours (Summer)

Electives (Choose three of the following courses):

  • MGMT 7340 Collective Bargaining 3 Hours (Spring)
  • PADM 7341 Managing Public Disputes 3 Hours (Fall)
  • PSYC 7330 Designing ADR Systems for Organizations 3 Hours (Fall)
  • SOWK 8320/LAW 6304 Family Mediation 3 Hours (Summer) SPCH 7350 Effective Crisis Communication 3 Hours (Spring)
  • TCED 7341 Conflict Management in the Schools 3 Hours (Summer)

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