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Institutional Review Board (IRB)

IRB Review Process

Researchers are required to submit a request to the IRB for review. The request must be approved by the IRB prior to collecting data or contacting participants. The types of review conducted by the UALR IRB are:

Complete the request form for the type of review necessary for research, attach the completed training certificate for all persons involved with the project, the appropriate informed consent document, and other materials involved in the study. Please submit one PDF attachment to Please do not send your protocol to the IRB Chair.

For research conducted at UAMS, Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI), or the Veterans Administration (VA), please submit the UAMS IRB Approval decision memo to the UALR IRB Staff.

Adverse Event

If an unanticipated harmful incident or detrimental outcome is experienced by a participant as a result of participation, immediately complete the adverse event form to to report the incident within 24 hours of the initial discovery. Adverse events include any incident or event that results in harm whether psychological, physical, social, legal, economic, or if it puts the participant at more than a minimal risk.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to report any incident not only in the case where there is a clear cause-effect relationship, but also when there is only a possibility that that the participant suffered harm because of their participation in the research study.

Updated 2.6.2017