Student Applications


BOSS is a self-service information system used by UALR employees and students to update personal information, change passwords, and view academic and financial records.

Google Calendar

Use Google Calendar to schedule meetings by inviting anyone with an email address. You can set up meeting reminders, check for conflicts with other UALR users, and share your calendar with others.

Google Calendar is one of the core services in Google Apps for Education.

Google Drive

Google Drive (also known as Google Docs) allows you to create and store files that can be accessed anywhere, and then share those files with others instead of attaching them to emails. You can also collaborate with other UALR users on the same document in real-time.

Google Drive is one of the core services in Google Apps for Education.

Google Mail

Your UALR email account is the primary means of communication from UALR. It is necessary for all students and employees to use their UALR email accounts to receive emergency alerts, registration and billing information, campus announcements, and other critical notices.

Google Mail is one of the core services in Google Apps for Education.

Virtual private networking (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) connection allows off-campus computer users to access campus-only services (such as accessing remote desktops from home). UALR provides access to the VPN service to current students and employees of the University.

Wireless network

The wireless (Wi-Fi) network provides campus affiliates (current students, recent graduates, and current employees) with wireless access to both campus and internet services. UALR has been operating a wireless network since early 2001. We are constantly working to improve the user experience by increasing speed, bandwidth, and coverage.