ImageNow is a document imaging system used to electronically store and retrieve images of documents. ImageNow is available in a client version that is necessary for inputting documents into the system, as well as a web version (known as WebNow) that can be used for viewing purposes.

WebNow is the web version of ImageNow that is only used for viewing (read-only access). If your department does not need to enter documents into the system, and only needs to view existing documents, you can request a WebNow account.

NOTE: Off campus access to ImageNow using WebNow requires a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

Getting started

The following user guides may be helpful for first-time users.


Any supervisor may request access for employees by submitting a request to itservices-help@ualr.edu or online Request Support

  • Type of access (ImageNow or WebNow)
  • Username of the employee needing access


If you need help with ImageNow or WebNow, contact the assistance center.

At this time, ImageNow and WebNow use the email username and password to log in (instead of your NetID).

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