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Staff Directory

Office of the Associate Vice Chancellor

Name E-mail
John Rathje, Associate Vice Chancellor & Chief Information Officer JMRATHJE
Donald O’Donnell, Senior Project Manager DXODONNELL
Janet Dotson, Finance and Budget Analyst JELESTER
Veysel Erdag, Information Security Officer OVERDAG
Steve Jordan, Procurement Specialist SEJORDAN
Vicky Wilson-Walden, Administrative Specialist III VLWALDEN

Enterprise Application and Development

Name E-mail
Brian Keltch, Director of Enterprise Applications & Development BWKELTCH
Database Administration
Peter Stuckey, Team Lead PMSTUCKEY
Jamie Jilka, DBA JLFINCH
Daniel Spillers, Team Lead DJSPILLERS
John Franks, Software Developer JWFRANKS
Renuka Hosamani, Enterprise Web Developer RYHOSAMANI
Peter Norcross, Enterprise Web Developer PDNORCROSS
Enterprise Applications
Rhett Smith, Team Lead RMSMITH6
Sylvester Cartwright, Human Resources Systems SECARTWRIGHT
Lesley Draper, Program Analyst LMDRAPER
Bud Tillman, Program Analyst BGTILLMAN
Sarah Travis, ImageNow SCDAVIS
Theresa Wrape-Lee, ServiceNow TMWRAPELEE
Project Implementation
Jason Rogers, Team Lead JMROGERS
Ian Calder, Systems Architect ICCALDER
Jeff Hawkins, Applications WJHAWKINS
Paige Newell, Project Manager PLNEWELL
Jonathan Timm, Business Analyst JDTIMM

Client Support

Name E-mail
Thomas Bunton, Director of Technology Infrastructure & Operations TEBUNTON
Russ Riegel, Team Lead RRRIEGEL
Carlos Albert, Desktop Support CDALBERT
Sean Harris, Desktop Support FDHARRIS
Kim Melikian, Desktop Support KDMELIKIAN
Timothy Randolph, Desktop Support TXRANDOLPH
Alveno Smith, Training AXSMITH5

Networks and Infrastructure

Name E-mail
Thomas Bunton, Director of Technology Infrastructure & Operations TEBUNTON
Mark Vaughn, Associate Director of Technology Infrastructure & Operations MSVAUGHN
Chris Austin, Research CAAUSTIN1
Albert Everett, Research AAEVERETT
Tim Stoddard, Associate Director TESTODDARD
Patricia Doss, Inventory Control PGDOSS
Clyde Wilkerson, Data Center Operator CXWILKERSON
Kevin Fitzgerald, Team Lead KWFITZGERALD
Alton Pouncey, Network Engineer ARPOUNCEY
Greg Hicks, Team Lead GLHICKS
Jack Tipshus, Network Engineer JBTIPSHUS


Name E-mail
Thomas Bunton, Director of Technology Infrastructure & Operations TEBUNTON
John Adams, Developer JXADAMS
James Churchwell, Endpoint Administrator JGCHURCHWELL
Ben Fisher, Systems Administrator BTFISHER1
Benjamin Hansen, Systems Administrator BJHANSEN
Charles McCloud, Systems Administrator CWMCCLOUD
Rich Petit, System Administrator RMPETIT
Tomas Rofkahr, Systems Administrator TFROFKAHR