Suspicious Email Alerts

Are you concerned that an email may not be from an official source? Have you received an email asking for personal information (usernames, passwords, credit card info, etc.) that purports to be sent from a UALR official?

The act of sending out emails or links that masquerade as official notices or queries is known as phishing. Providing your personal information to someone other than a known and trusted source may result in your accounts or computers being compromised.

When IT Services receives a report of suspicious email messages being sent to multiple users, we will record the messages here. If you receive a suspicious email, check the list below to see if it is a known phishing attempt. If the message you are concerned about is not listed here, please do one of the following so we may help you determine its authenticity:

From address Message subject Reported on
Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Welcome to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC)08319625:0 2015-01-15 22:01:11