Getting Started

Below are the steps of a project engagement with the ITS Project Management Office (PMO):

Step One – The Request

The first step in launching a project is for the requestor to request a project.  This form helps us to scope the size and complexity of the request, and determine the optimal solution to solve the business problem.  Please contact our office for login credentials.

Note: If you would like personal assistance through the request process, please contact the PMO at  A project manager will contact you and answer any questions you may have.

Step Two – The Approval

All project requests are approved and prioritized by the Information Services Advisory Committee (ISAC).  Based upon that evaluation, approved requests will be staffed and moved to active project status.  The PMO begins work on the high prioritized projects moves down the list as resources become available.

Step Three – The Research

Once a project is ready to be started, we will work with you to define exactly what needs to be accomplished and how we will determine when we are successful.  At this point, a project charter will be established.  This document makes sure that we understand your needs clearly and you understand exactly what we are aiming to accomplish.

Step Four – The Plan

The planning phase is the time when the PMO will develop the project schedule and the project plan.  We will ensure that all tasks are detailed, all parties understand how they will be communicated with through the project, all procurement is planned for, and all known risks are documented with how we plan to mitigate them.

Step Five – The Action

The project plan is being executed.  The PMO’s role during this phase is to ensure that timelines, deliverables and objectives are being met.  Communicating the project status to stakeholders is also essential during this phase.

Step Six – The Success

Once all tasks are complete, the deliverables are satisfied, and the success factors are met, the project will be successfully closed.  All documentation will be completed and we will schedule time with you to discuss your thoughts on how we did.

If you would like more detailed information, feel free to contact us.