McMath Construction to Reroute Traffic

Construction in MacArthur Park and on McMath Avenue will temporarily change the flow of traffic to the law school.

Pulaski County Lane, a new road connecting McMath Avenue to Commerce Street, should be opened to two-way traffic by mid-July. When Pulaski County Lane opens, McMath will be converted to a one-way street running north toward 9th Street while McMath is repaved and landscaped. When construction is completed, McMath will again be a two-way street.

While construction continues on McMath, you may access the law school either by taking the new Pulaski County Lane or by using the one-way Frontage Road that runs behind the law school. The entrance to the parking lot on the south side of the school (nearest the Friday Courtroom) will be open for entry into the parking lot.

To exit the parking lot, you may either leave through the south entrance and take Pulaski County Lane, or exit through the north entrance (the one with the security station) and turn right onto McMath toward 9th Street.

Pulaski County has promised to erect signs directing traffic to the law school. The attached map illustrates the temporary traffic pattern.

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