Student Highlight, Piper Meeks

Meeks_Piper2Name:  Piper Meeks
Hometown:  Nederland, TX
Undergrad:  Lamar University
Program:  Full Time JD/MPS
Graduation: 2017

Spheres of Influence

Supporting and serving one’s community requires expanding and contracting the definition of community.  Piper’s commitment to service radiates.  She’s assisted in hosting the Out-of-State Dinner and Law Review Shrimp Boil, social service; she works as a BEST Program Student Manger, academic service; she’s currently working on a training program in the mediation clinic for parents with children with IEPs, family service; and currently studying for her Masters of Public Service degree, lifelong service.

International Service, Taking Bowen Global
Piper is taking her commitment to service global in 2016.  She taught free yoga classes to Ecuadorian children for eleven weeks.  

Centered Living Leads to Centered Learning
Savasana rejuvenates the mind, body, and spirit; replenishing the connection between mind and body. The rigors of law school create a need for rejuvenation.  Piper was quick to identify the issue and found a solution in the principles of yoga.  She teaches free or donation-based yoga classes at Bowen for students and faculty.  

Quote: “Bowen is a practical investment, especially for a non-traditional law student like myself.  I love Little Rock. The people here are fun and the city has a vibrant, yet relaxing feel.”   

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