Academic Success

The UALR William H. Bowen School of Law is committed to academic success for each of its students. We have demonstrated our commitment by creating a full-time Assistant Dean for Student Affairs position to work with students to promote their academic success.

Academic support begins before your first class session. In the week prior to law school, first-year students participate in an intensive week-long orientation program composed of practice class sessions, workshops on the fundamentals of academic success, and panel discussions by former and current students offering practical advice on getting through law school. You will be placed in small groups under the leadership of second and third year law students who will serve as mentors. These mentoring groups will meet throughout the first semester and reinforce the principles of the orientation program. There will also be workshops during the first year that will focus on various aspects of academic success. Finally, students in academic trouble after the first semester are assigned mentors on a one-on-one basis to assist them with improving their study skills.

The Law School’s commitment to academic success continues with academic advising throughout law school—the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs meets individually with students to develop study plans for those who feel overwhelmed, to advise students in developing course outlines and preparing for exams, and to offer guidance to students selecting from the array of course offerings so that students will excel in their selected area of practice.

Finally, the Bowen School eases your transition from law student to lawyer by offering a unique pass/fail course designed to prepare you for the rigors of preparing for and taking the bar examination.