Bowen Concurrent Bar Prep Program

Overview of the Concurrent Bar Prep Program

What is it?

A 6-week program during students’ bar prep period in which they have an opportunity to practice for the MPT, MEE and MBE. In each session, they complete practice questions/essays under exam conditions and will submit their answers to the Director of BSS for feedback. In addition to this practice, they get tips and strategies for bar prep, workshops, and a proctored simulated bar exam about two weeks before the real thing.

Does it cost anything?


Time Commitment?

This isn’t another program on top of students’ commercial bar prep program – it’s more of a way to ensure they are getting the most of their commercial bar prep program. It gives them opportunities to practice under exam conditions, and get feedback and support during the process. They have the option of using practice questions/prompts provided by Bowen or using practice questions/prompts from their own commercial program (so basically, they could use the time in the concurrent program to accomplish the syllabus assignments/tasks for their commercial program under exam conditions).

May a student participate even if they are not taking the bar exam in Arkansas?

Sure! Just note that the program doesn’t cover anything specific to the jurisdiction in which the student is taking the bar exam. Generally, though, the instruction/feedback should translate into any jurisdiction.

Do they have to show up in person?

No. Although it’s extremely beneficial to attend in person so they can practice answering questions and writing essays under exam conditions, they can participate via the Distance Program (essentially e-mail and TWEN). And it’s not all or nothing – students should show up as much as they can and participate via TWEN when they can’t make it.

When and where is it?

The program begins about eight weeks before the bar exam and ends about two weeks before the bar exam. It meets three days a week, for 1.5 hours. On Mondays, they practice MPTs; on Tuesday, they practice MEEs, and on Wednesday they practice MBEs. A simulated (writing day) bar exam is offered.

Benefits of the Program?

Exam Conditions/Structure

There’s tremendous value in practicing under exam conditions – being timed by a proctor and completing exam questions around a lot of other people. In the concurrent program, we make it easy by providing questions (if you want them) and a proctored room to answer practice questions/write essays.


In addition to any feedback the students get from their commercial bar prep program, the Director of BSS provides feedback/comments on students’ writing and will work with them to improve.


Students will be around many of their peers who are in the same boat and who can provide support and encouragement during the process. Additionally, the Director of BSS be around to check in with the students and help them with anything they need during the bar prep period.

Tips/Success Strategies

There’s plenty of info out there about how to conquer the bar exam. To the extent possible, the Director of BSS will share this info with via email, TWEN or in person.


If you are taking the bar exam in a state other than Arkansas or cannot attend all of the sessions, please contact the Director of Bar Success Services Stella J. Phillips or call 501.683.4893 to discuss alternatives that may be available.