First Week

Your experience here begins with “First Week.” Our entering student program is unlike anything you experienced in your undergraduate days or in another graduate program. It is not orientation. It is your actual first week of classes, and it is a required part of the curriculum here at Bowen.

First Week is considered integral to the academic semester and includes academic class with one of your professors, training on expert learning skills for law students, meetings with your structured study groups (SSG) facilitated by our Dean’s Fellows, graded assignments and completion of administrative matters associated with your matriculation to UALR.

Combined with the preparation during the summer with readings and assessments, you will be well on your way towards a successful first-year experience. If you have any questions about First Week, contact the Office of Student Affairs.

First Week Schedule Fall 2015

Fall 2015 Class Schedule For 1Ls

Fall 2015 1L Book List