Barbri’s Essay Advantage Program

The BARBRI Essay Advantage method is designed to help students overcome the obstacles that often prevent them from passing the Arkansas Bar Examination by:

  • Showing you how to identify the testable issues on the Arkansas Bar Exam
  • Teaching fact analysis techniques that allow students to weave facts back into their answers in a “lawyer-like” fashion
  • Working with students to maximize their organizational skills to effectively communicate their thoughts
  • Breaking down the subjects for students into “memory modules” to enable them to retain the law under the stress of bar examination testing.

The Essay Advantage course is five hours of essay writing workshop in which the President of BARBRI, Mike Sims, teaches a step-by-step method for approaching, analyzing and writing winning answers to bar exam essay questions.  At each step of the way during Essay Advantage, students will learn a skill and then have the chance to practice that skill using past bar exam questions.  In Essay Advantage course, the goal is to help students master essay writing.

Each student will receive an Essay Advantage course book (MEE EA book), an online account through BARBRI, and the three follow-up essay exercises.  The advantage of this workshop is by incorporating written feedback on the follow-up exercises, students are able to gain important insight to help improve their performance before the bar examination.

The Essay due dates are:

(1)     Property (on page 381 of the MEE EA book) DUE BY: Monday, February 3rd

(2)     Secured Trans. (on page 393 of the MEE EA book) DUE BY: Saturday, February 15th

(3)   Corporations (on page 321 of the MEE EA book) DUE BY: Saturday, February 15th

Our goal is to get 100% of Bowen 2013-2014 graduates registered and attending. The Dean is making a bold commitment, and we hope you all will take advantage of it. We are the only law school in Arkansas offering this program to all our grads – essentially for FREE!*


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*A deposit of $75.00 (cash or check) is required for program enrollment.  If you attend the class and successfully complete three (3) essay exercises during the program, your deposit will be refunded by the Bowen Law School.  If you fail to attend the Essay Advantage class on February 1st, do not complete the essay exercises, or fail to meet the satisfactory standards of the program instructor, your deposit refund will be waived. We understand that some of you all may not get your financial aid until January 27 so Dean Schwartz has agreed to accept deposits up until the morning of the workshop.