Using Career Services

14A_8567 - webThe Career Services Office, located in Room 116 of the UALR William H. Bowen School of Law, is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday. Additional times for any student are available by appointment. Students and graduates can also complete job search-related printing, copying, and faxing, as well as use a computer.

All students in every stage of their academic careers have access to Career Services offerings, and services are available even after graduation. As a member of the National Association for Law Placement (NALP), Bowen provides a number of educational programs and workshops. All students should proactively seek information for the purpose of planning their futures. However, NALP guidelines prohibit full-time, first-semester students from using the office’s job search services until Nov. 1.

A series of workshops and activities in the late fall and early spring terms are geared toward preparing all students for their job searches. We will hold sessions on writing a cover letter and legal resume, tips for effective interviewing, and strategies for a productive job search.

In early fall, first-year students receive a welcome letter and password and an invitation to complete their profiles on Symplicity. This password gives students access to job postings (after Nov. 1 for 1Ls), the On-campus Interviewing Program, and mock interviews. Continuing students, including transfers and visitors, may complete Symplicity registration at any time.

For everyone, a resume must be uploaded to Symplicity before the system is functional for OCIs or job postings. Most employers will request an unofficial grade sheet (cut and paste your grades from BOSS into a Word template found in Symplicity’s document library) and a writing sample.

The first opportunity for on-campus interviewing (OCI) for first-year students is in February and March. These interviews are primarily for Arkansas law clerk positions for the summer after your first year, and in the fall and spring of your second year. Part-time students should actively participate in spring interviews when possible. Important employment opportunities may be lost to top-ranked students if you choose not to compete for interviews during your first spring term.

Once your file is opened in Symplicity, you can update it as often as you like. Be sure to update if you move or if you have new contact information. Update and rename Symplicity documents after each term to reflect new activities and achievements.

While the number of out-of-state employers participating on campus is limited, Career Services will work with you as you seek to enter the legal job market. We will work with each Bowen student to develop and implement a job search as geographically expansive as you need. The time frame to apply for out-of-state Summer Associate positions with larger firms is:

  • First year: Submit resume / transcript Dec. 1 – Feb. 15 (earlier is best).
  • Second year:   Submit resume / transcript Aug. 15 – Sept. 15.

Other Services

Second- and third-year students may use the resources of the Career Services program at any time. First-year students may use job search services after Nov. 1. Our alumni may use Career Services resources at any time but should understand that our services are geared more towards law students and new graduates. With prior reciprocity approval, students and graduates of other law schools may have limited access to Bowen Career Services resources. A letter of reciprocity is required from the referring law school before services are provided. This may be emailed to

The Career Services staff posts openings for part- and full-time, temporary and permanent positions on Symplicity.

Educational seminars are staffed by practicing members of the bench and bar and provide a networking opportunity to participants.  While seminar topics may change each year, standard seminars focus on the mechanics of the job search, starting your own practice and nonlegal career options. For those unable to attend sessions, including students in the part-time division who find it difficult to attend daytime programming, every effort is made to record all educational workshops for availability on Bowen’s lecture-capture system.

Career Services can request reciprocity services for you from other law schools in selected areas where you’re seeking employment. Approved reciprocity allows you to use the resources of a career services office in your target area(s). Reciprocity is generally limited to one school per state and is not available at most schools during the fall on-campus interviewing season.