• Our Location
    Access to leaders in the legal community is the key to one of Bowen’s greatest advantages.  
  • Our Value
    In an age of runaway tuition costs, Bowen remains an amazing value that provides greater access to a legal education. 
  • Our Programs
    Bowen students can earn their degrees in a number of ways. 
  • Our Students
    The Bowen student body is a wonderfully diverse group – engaged in the classroom and active outside it. 
  • Our Scholarships
    Bowen automatically considers all admitted applicants for three scholarships. 
  • Our Environment
    The student body at Bowen is relatively small – less than 500 – allowing us to provide a supportive, individualized, and enriching environment.  
  • Our Faculty
    Bowen faculty members are an outstanding group of teachers, scholars, and public servants, committed to the success of our students. 
  • Our Facilities
    Each new renovation at the Bowen School of Law is focused on improving student experiences. 
  • Our Opportunities
    Bowen students enjoy many opportunities to intern and clerk and get hands-on experience in the law.  
  • Our Student Success
    Bowen helps ease the transition from law student to lawyer by offering a course designed to help students prepare for the bar.