American Civil Liberties Union

The Student Chapter of the ACLU of Arkansas supports its parent organization in its mission of promoting, defending and expanding civil liberties in Arkansas. These liberties include free speech, religious freedom, racial and ethnic justice, due process, privacy, LGBT rights, and reproductive freedom.

We want to make sure that the promises of the founders of this country, preserved in the Bill of Rights, are a reality for everyone in Arkansas. The Student Chapter periodically sponsors and cosponsors events on topics of current popular interest such as a recent event on the Supreme Court gay marriage cases. We also seek to bring awareness to particular issues by disseminating information on important topics du jour. We look forward to any ideas that you may have.

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2017-2018 Officers:

President – Hallee Hughes

Vice President – Laura Holzhauer

Treasurer – Presley Hager

Secretary – Madison Lawson


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