General information

When does school start?
All students are required to attend First Week. It is the official beginning of the school year. You will find information online as well as emailed to your address.

Where can I find the academic calendar?
You can find the complete Bowen calendar, including academic events, online.

I have submitted my seat deposit. Are there any other documents I must submit before school starts?
In addition to the Intent to Enroll form and seat deposit, you must submit the following to documents to the Admissions Office by July 1:

  • Official transcripts showing the conferral of your baccalaureate degree. Please note that the copies of transcripts included in your LSDAS report are NOT official.
  • Proof of immunization against measles and rubella. For more information about proof of immunity, please contact Health Services at 501.569.3188.

How do I update my contact information?
Updates to contact info may be made in BOSS. You should also inform the Admissions Office of the update.

What classes will I be taking in the first year?
A list of required courses for your first year is available online.

When do I register for my classes?
Our registration staff will register first-year students in their first- and second-semester classes.

Where can I find the class schedule?
The class schedule and other helpful info can be found online.

Will I be assigned a UALR email account?
Yes, UALR email accounts will be assigned during First Week.

Are there any resources for students with disabilities?
Yes. The UALR Disability Resource Center is available to any student in need of such assistance. The Center’s phone number is 501.569.3143.