Fall 2014 First Class Assignments

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Administrative Law – Hansen

First assignments

Advanced Bar Prep Skills – Malmberg

– Pass the Bar! Chapters 1-4
2014 Comprehensive Guide to Bar Admission

– Pass the Bar! Chapters 8-10

You can find the course syllabus and complete list of assignments on the TWEN site for the course. Please email professor for password.

Business Associations – Fendler

Red Banana Frozen Yogurt exercise (on TWEN) – think about how you would help your clients answer the questions. What do you think the best answers would be?

Also for the first class, pages 1-6 (Introduction), 7-13 (Gorton v. Doty), 20-31 (Green v. H&R Block, Problem 2-1) .

*Assignments for second class*: pages 31-34 (Williams v. Dugan), 34-43 (Essco Geometric v. Harvard Industries, Problem 2-2), 44-48 (Kidd v. Thomas A. Edison, Inc.).

You can find the Course Rules and complete list of assignments on the TWEN site for the course.

Capital Punishment Seminar – Braden and Vandiver

For the Capital Punishment Seminar, please read Chapter 1 “Capital Punishment in America” before the first class.

Civil Procedure – Boles (day and evening sections)

Initial assignment

Commercial Paper – Goldner

Assignment and Class Policies

Register on TWEN for Commercial Paper (Goldner). Under the tab Syllabus and Assignments you will find document Syllabus and Class Policies. The required texts are listed in that document, as well as all class policies and the assignment for the first week.

Conflict of Laws – Gallant

First assignments

Constitutional Law – DiPippa (day section)


First assignments

Constitutional Law – Beiner (evening section)

*** Update *** New material is required for Chapter 12 of the reading. It is available both on the class TWEN site and on reserve in the library. If you have picked up your material before today (August 12), please revisit the TWEN site or the library for the substitute pages.

Computers are not permitted in this class. Please read pages 1-33, 1072-1079, and 33-34 (in that order) for the first week of class. So that you will have sufficient time to read these materials, I have posted them to our class TWEN site. West and the authors have graciously agreed to let us use these materials until the text is available. In addition, they will be on reserve in the law library for copying and reading. The bookstore has informed me that the 2014 edition of the text will not be available in the bookstore until August 15. You will need the latest edition of this text.

Contracts – Hobbs (evening section)

Policy Memo (includes casebook information and assignment). The reading is included on the Google Drive for First Week.

Contracts – Silverstein (day section)


Comparative Law – Kahn-Fogel

Before the first class, please read the following:

The Civil Law Tradition, pp. 1-33

Ugo Mattei, An Opportunity Not to be Missed: The Future of Comparative Law in the United States, 46 Am. J. Comp. L. 709 (1998)

The Perils of Comparative Law, excerpt on TWEN

David Gerber, Authority Heuristics, 79 Chi. -Kent. L. Rev. 959 (2004)

Michael Reisman, Lining Up: The Microlegal System of Queues, excerpt on TWEN

Criminal Procedure/Pre-Trial – Cain

First assignments

Criminal Procedure/Post-Trial – Sullivan

First assignments and syllabus

Criminal Procedure/Trial – Sullivan

First assignments and syllabus

Decedents’ Estates – Flannery

First assignments

Drafting Contracts – Fendler

Assignment for first class:

1. Sign up on the TWEN site for Drafting Contracts.


3. Do CALI exercise on Drafting a Contract (link on TWEN).

4. Read Chapters 1-4 in Tina Stark, Drafting Contracts (2d ed.) (Make sure you have the SECOND EDITION, not the first edition, and that it is not a used copy.)

5. Do the Contract Concepts Exercise posted on TWEN under “Course Materials.” The instructions are at the beginning of the document. You will hand this assignment in at the beginning of the first class (keeping a copy for yourself to use in class), and it will be graded.

Employee Benefits – Minton

Please skim chapter one and read pages 29-43 of chapter 2 for the first week.

Environmental Law – Gates

1. Read pp. 1-28 in course casebook (Farber & Carlson)

2. Pick an environmental controversy or event that interests you (e.g., Mayflower Oil Spill; Global Warming; Endangered Species Protection; etc.) and come to class prepared to discuss your thoughts on the subject. No research or special preparation is needed. I just want you to be ready to talk about your feelings regarding environmental issues in the context of a specific issue or controversy.

3. Send an e-mail to me by 10:00 am Monday, August 18th, stating what topic you have selected.

Evidence – Steinbuch (day and evening sections)

Skim pp 1-7 & read 8-80 in the textbook. Also read the accompanying federal rules of evidence (FRE) in the supplement. (Always read the rules!) You are responsible for up to 25 pages of reading per hour of class.

Print your last name in large font for a nameplate and bring to each class.

Family Law – Flannery

First assignments

Federal Income Taxation – P. Oliver (day and evening sections)

First assignments and syllabus

Intellectual Property Law — Norment

Office: 501-319-7875, e-mail: Rashauna@NormentLawFirm.com

Required Text: Burr, et al., Modern Intellectual Property and Unfair Competition Law, 6th Edition

Syllabus: The syllabus will be available the first day of class.

Reading Assignment for the First Week

Monday, Aug. 18

Chapter 1: The Law of Ideas p. 1 – 32

Wednesday, Aug. 20

Chapter 2: Copyright Law

Copyrightable Subject Matter p. 33 – 57

17 U.S.C. §§ 101, 102, 103, 104

International Business Transactions – Hobbs

Clickers are required for this course.

Assignment for Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Chapter 1: Introduction

1. Background Considerations, Role of Counsel, Cultural Issues, pp. 1-12
2. Growth of International Business, Modern Forms, New Developments, pp. 12- 23

Assignment for Thursday, August 21, 2014:

Chapter 1: Introduction

3. Legal Framework for International Business, pp. 23-34
4. International Economic Law, pp. 34-50

Introduction to Bar Prep Skills – Grotjohn

Required Text: Denise Riebe and Michael Hunter Schwartz, Pass the Bar! (Carolina Academic Press 2006) (bring your copy to class every day)

Friday, August 22 – Chapters 1-10 of Pass the Bar!

Assignments Due (at the beginning of class)

Checklist 2-1

Exercise 3-1 and 3-2

Exercise 6-1

Exercise 7-1

Exercise 8-1 (BarBri, Kaplan, and one other bar review course provider)

Exercise 9-1

Introduction to International Law – Gallant

First assignments

Law and Literature – Cullen

Please read the first three chapters of To Kill A Mockingbird.

Law Office Management – Niswanger

First assignment and syllabus

Lawyering Skills I – Johnson

First assignments

Sobelson reading assignment

Property I – Foster (day section)

First assignment

Property I – Foster (evening section)

First assignment

Public Service Externship – Terry

For the training session on Monday, August 11, please read:

J.P. Ogilvy, Leah Wortham, & Lisa Lerman, Learning From Practice: A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs (2d ed.)

· Chapter 2: Setting Goals for the Externship

For Class 1, During the Week of August 18, 2014, please read:

J.P. Ogilvy, Leah Wortham, & Lisa Lerman, Learning From Practice: A Professional Development Text for Legal Externs (2d ed.)

· Chapter 9: Reflective Lawyering

· Chapter 11: Journals

Sample Journal Excerpt

Chart on Bloom’s Taxonomy

All of these materials are available on the course TWEN site, which is called “Public Service Externship.”

RWA I – Barger

First assignments

RWA I- Cain (day section)

First assignments

RWA I – Cain (evening section)

First assignments

RWA I – Entrikin

First assignments

RWA I – Gustafson

First assignments

RWA I – Mader

First assignments

Sales – Hardin

Benfield & Greenfield, Sales – Cases and Material (6th ed.), Chapter 1. Read pages 1 through 20 and study and be prepared to discuss cases, problem at the bottom of p. 11 and top of p.12 and problem 5 on p. 19.

Read UCC Article 1 generally to see what it contains, the outline of how Article 2 is structured (i.e. Parts 1 – 7), Sections 1-102, 1-103, 1-201 & 2-103, generally and 2-102 and 2-105(1) more specifically for use in problem solving.

Think about the differences between the UCC – Sales and contract law. Think about what you would like to get out of the course.

Scholarly Writing – Gustafson


Secured Transactions – Silverstein

First assignments

State and Local Government – Bohannon

First assignments

Torts – Kahn-Fogel (evening section)

Please read pages 91-125 of the casebook before the first class.

Torts – P. Oliver (day section)

First assignments and syllabus