3+3 Early Admittance Program

A view of Bowen with flowers in bloom.The UALR William H. Bowen School of Law and the UALR Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies have partnered together to create a 3+3 Early Admittance Program which enables talented and motivated students to earn a BA degree in philosophy and a J.D. in twelve semesters. 

The 3+3 program admits intellectually engaged and academically mature undergraduates into the Bowen School of Law after their third year of undergraduate study (or 94 credit hours).  Upon completion of a major in philosophy, the core curriculum, and the language requirement, students with a 3.5 GPA and an LSAT score in the 75th percentile are allowed to apply for admission to the Bowen School of Law.  Students who participate in the program earn their B.A. degree upon successful completion of the first year at Bowen.  The J.D. is awarded after two more years of law school.  The first year of law school thus counts as the final year of undergraduate studies; students save themselves 30 credit-hours of undergraduate coursework and are able to graduate law school earlier than they would otherwise. 

Program Requirements

  • Complete a major in philosophy from UALR
  • Maintain a UGPA of 3.5 or higher
  • Score in the 75th percentile or higher on the LSAT
  • Complete the UALR Core Curriculum and satisfy the language requirement 

Additional information about the degree requirements for the 3+3 program can be found at the UALR Department of Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Study’s website.