At Bowen – Other Questions

Study Abroad

Are students allowed to study abroad?
Yes. With permission from the Associate Dean, law students are able to attend any of the more than 100 ABA approved law school summer programs and receive academic credit.


Do I need a laptop computer for law school?
We do not require a laptop computer, but it is the computer of choice for law students. Each professor’s policy determines whether or not you will be able to use a laptop in class. Our building has full wireless Internet access. If you choose not to get a laptop, there are computer labs in the library.

What type of computer should I get?
Either a Windows or Macintosh Laptop is fine. You will receive an up-to-date list of specifications in your First Week materials.

Should I get wireless?
Yes. Our entire building is wireless. Please note that by attaching any network device to the law school network you are agreeing to all terms of the Acceptable Use Policy. Also, note that Peer to Peer music sharing software is not tolerated on the UALR network.

What about virus software?
Anti-virus software is available to students of the University. You will need to know your student domain username and password. This password (as well as others) is set and reset in BOSS. You will need your T number and PIN to access BOSS. To retrieve that information you must take a picture ID to Bowen’s Admissions office. Up-to-date virus protection software is mandatory before you can access our wireless network.

Health insurance

Can I obtain health insurance through the school?
There are two options for student health insurance:

  • One is through the American Bar Association.  You must join the ABA’s Student Division.  Then go to the enrollment site.  At this site, you will be asked to select whether you are enrolling through a school or an association. You MUST select the American Bar Association to enroll.
  • The second option is available through UALR. The Macori insurance plan is available to students taking six credit hours or more. The policy provides benefits for injuries and illnesses and may be purchased annually, by semester, or on a 3-payment plan when purchasing annually only. You must send your application and money within the first 30 days of each semester. There is a deductible, so you may save yourself some unnecessary expenses by first being seen in Health Services. Family coverage is an option. There are short term, trip, and Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic policies.

Does the school have a health clinic?
Yes. The UALR Health Services Center is located in the Donaghey Student Center on the main campus. All office visits and consultations are free. Most medications, dressings, and supplies to take care of immediate needs are free. There is a small charge for some screenings and injections.


Does the law school have student housing?
Barrister Court is a privately owned apartment complex for law students located across the street from the law school.  It contains one bedroom units. There are also numerous apartments and houses for rent in Little Rock. You can pick up apartment guides in the Admissions office.

How can I find a roommate?
We cannot release a list of students due to privacy concerns.  Here are some suggestions for finding a roommate:

  • After admission, you can send an email to the Admitted Student email discussion list (listserv) that you are looking for a roommate and describe the characteristics you are looking for specifically.
  • You can post roommate requests on the law school bulletin boards.
  • You can “Like” our Bowen Facebook page and post a roommate request there.
  • On Admitted Students Day we allow an opportunity for students looking for roommates to meet each other.
  • Current law students have an email discussion list (listserv) and whenever one posts a housing request (for roommate or a lease availability) this information is passed on to our Admitted Student e-mail discussion list (listserv).

Little Rock

Where can I find information about Little Rock?
Little Rock has recently been named a top city in Outside magazine, Forbes, and Kiplinger. Some good online sites are the Little Rock Chamber of Commerce, City Listings, the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the City of Little Rock homepage.