At Bowen – Concurrent Degrees

What dual degrees does the UALR Bowen School of Law offer?
Bowen offers five concurrent degree programs in partnership with UALR, UAMS, and the Clinton School of Public Service. They are: the JD/MBA (Master’s in Business Administration); the JD/MPA (Master’s in Public Administration); the JD/MPH (Master’s in Public Health); the JD/MPS (Master’s in Public Service); and the JD/Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy).

What are the benefits of concurrent degrees?
By pursuing concurrent degrees you can get double credit for a significant number of courses, thus reducing the time spent enrolled.

Do I have to be admitted to both programs when I start law school?
No, but you must be admitted and concurrently enrolled in both schools to get double credit.  We recommend that you apply for admission to the other program as soon as possible after enrollment at the law school.

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