At Bowen – Curriculum and Classes

When will classes begin?
The first day of class for each semester is listed on the academic calendar.

What happens at First Week?
Your experience here begins with “First Week.” Our entering student program is unlike anything you experienced in your undergraduate days or in another graduate program. It is not orientation. It is your actual first week of classes, and it is a required part of the curriculum here at Bowen. First Week is considered integral to the academic semester and includes  class with one of your professors, training on expert learning skills for law students, meetings with your structured study groups (SSG) facilitated by our Dean’s Fellows, graded assignments and completion of administrative matters associated with your time at UALR.

Can I start law school in the spring semester?
No. Our law school admits a new class only once, in the fall, in each division.

How many hours do I need to graduate?
You will need to successfully complete 90 hours to graduate. At the present time, approximately half of those hours are required and the rest are electives.

What are “bar” courses?
Every state except Wisconsin requires attorneys to take and pass a bar exam in order to be admitted to the practice of law in that state. (Wisconsin exempts those applicants who have received diplomas from Wisconsin law schools.) Bar courses are courses in those areas of law tested on the exam. These are largely the same from state to state, although there are minor variations.

Do I get to take electives?
Approximately half of your courses will be electives. The first year is required but beginning your second year in both divisions you will begin taking electives.