Before You Apply – Undergraduate Degree

Do I have to have an undergraduate degree before I can attend Bowen?
Yes. Prior to enrolling at Bowen, applicants must have a bachelor’s degree from a four-year accredited institution.

I majored in ________________.  Will that affect my chances of being admitted?
Bowen does not require or give preference to any particular major. Our students have majors that range from political science to engineering to journalism. What’s most important is completing a rigorous courses of study that will help prepare you for the challenges of law school.

I have a GPA of ________ and an LSAT score of ________.  What are my chances of admission?
Bowen’s admissions committee looks at an applicant’s total admissions package when making its decisions.  We offer admission to applicants with a wide range of numerical profiles.

Is there a minimum GPA or LSAT score that Bowen considers?
There is no minimum GPA or LSAT score. All completed applications are considered.

I have a graduate degree. Will this improve my chances of admission?
Graduate degrees rarely make or break applicants’ chances of admission. If included, graduate records will be looked at in comparison to applicants’ undergraduate records, but undergraduate academic records are given primary consideration by the Admissions Committee.

Why is my GPA on my LSDAS Law School Report lower than the GPA on my college transcript?
For purposes of the Law School Report, your GPA is converted by the Credential Assembly Service (CAS) to a uniform scale. In many cases this conversion lowers your GPA from what is reflected on your transcript. The disparity often occurs in cases where applicants repeated courses due to low initial grades. All grades received in a course are calculated for purposes of the CAS Report, even if your college only calculated the highest grade. The difference could be caused by other reasons as well; you can find out more about these factors from the LSAC.