Volume 13, Issue 2


Brian Soucek, Copy-Paste Precedent

A Century Forward and a Century Back

Stephen J. Wermiel, Gazing into the Future: The 100-Year Legacy of Justice William J. Brennan

Andrew L. Kaufman, Cardozo at 100

Melvin I. Urofsky, The Legacy of Louis D. Brandeis


Rollins S. Emerson, A Capsule Biography of Joseph T. Sneed, III

Joseph T. Sneed, Trial Court Discretion: Its Exercise by Trial Courts and Its Review by Appellate Courts

Michael D. Moberly, This is Unprecedented: Examining the Impact of Vacated State Appellate Court Opinions

Arturo Torres, Is Link Rot Destroying Stare Decisis as We Know It? The Internet-Citation Practice of the Texas Appellate Courts