Collection Management

Collection Management Guidelines

Suggesting a Book

We encourage faculty to participate in the development of collections by using the library liaison process. Academic departments select faculty liaisons to the library who facilitate communication between the department and the Collections Management Coordinator. Librarians who serve as library liaisons to academic departments also forward faculty requests for the purchase of new materials to the Collections Management Coordinator.

All library patrons are welcome to make recommendations via the Suggest a Title to Purchase form.

Suggesting a New Journal

The library is able to subscribe to very few new journals, and often must cancel one subscription to acquire another. To request a new title, send as much information as you know including the title, publisher, price, and journal titles we might consider canceling to the Collections Management Coordinator. E-mail or call 501.569.8816 for a list of journal subscriptions in a specific subject area.

Requesting A Library Holdings Review

The Collections Management Coordinator prepares library holdings reviews for new courses and programs proposed by the faculty. The Graduate and Undergraduate Councils require these reviews. Send requests for library holdings review statements by campus mail or e-mail along with a course description, syllabus, and bibliography if available. Typically the review is prepared within 10 working days. E-mail or call 501.569.8816 for more information.

Donating Library Materials

The library accepts donations of books, journals, and other materials for its collections. Gifts are searched against the library’s holdings and those that are not duplicates and in good condition are added to the collection if they meet the library’s selection criteria.  All gifts are tax deductible, but the library is not allowed to give a statement of value because the IRS considers it an interested party. Include a name and address with your gift and the library will acknowledge that a donation has been made. E-mail or call 501.569.8816 for more information.