1. Introduction
  2. Specific Materials
  3. Weeding

      The reference collection is comprised of non-circulating resources designed to support instructional and research requirements of UA Little Rock students and faculty. Reference resources of all types and languages are selected in accordance with the criteria established for the selection of library materials.The library currently emphasizes online electronic format to maximize accessibility and cost effectiveness in collection management. The library may elect to substitute electronic formats for print formats provided the electronic version is complete, official, and permanently accessible.Resources chosen for the reference collection supply as much reliable information as possible with a minimum of duplication. As a general rule, only the latest edition of a reference work is shelved in the reference collection. Older editions may be located in the circulating collection or may be weeded.

      Library materials of all types (which include, but are not limited to books, journals, microforms, and maps) may be candidates for weeding if they meet any of the following criteria.

      • Encyclopedias
        The collection contains general and subject specific encyclopedias. New editions are purchased as needed. Electronic editions are preferred.
      • Dictionaries
        English language and specialized subject dictionaries are purchased in accordance with the library collection management guidelines. Dictionaries are regularly reviewed and updated.
      • Indexes and Abstracts (print and electronic)
        Subscriptions to general and subject indexes/abstracts are acquired to support the instructional and research activities of the university faculty and students. Preference is given to electronic access.
      • Bibliographies
        As a general rule, subject and general bibliographies are not acquired for the reference collection.
      • Directories, Handbooks, Almanacs, Yearbooks, and Manuals
        Directories, handbooks, almanacs, yearbooks, and manuals are considered basic research tools. These sources are added or updated as needed.
      • Legal Collection
        The reference collection contains basic legal research tools. In addition, the reference collection contains Arkansas and United States law sources.
      • Atlases
        The reference collection contains a variety of general and specialized atlases. Atlases are regularly evaluated and updated.

    1. WEEDING
      The reference collection is regularly evaluated and weeded. With the assistance of the other members of the department, the head of the reference department is responsible for reviewing and maintaining the collection. Teaching faculty members and other library personnel may be consulted when appropriate. Items removed from the reference collection may be relocated to other library collections at the discretion of the collection management librarian.

Created December 2012