Group Study Room 106-B

The library has designated Library 106-B as a small group study room. The room is available to groups of 3-6 students for 2 hour periods during night and weekend library hours.

To reserve the room, please use the following calendar link.

Click the available time slot desired and come to the Operations Desk at the appointed time.

Group Study Room Guidelines

  • The Group Study Room can only be reserved by current students, faculty, and staff.
  • A designated group leader accepts all responsibility for care and maintenance during the room’s use. This includes removal of personal effects, throwing away trash, and wiping down whiteboards.
  • The group study room can only be reserved for two hours and is forfeited if not claimed by the group leader within 15 minutes of the reserve start time.
  • Personal items may not be used to “hold” the room for the group
  • No fewer than 3 people can use the group study room.  No more than 6 people are allowed in the room at one time.
  • Once the 2 hour period has expired, the group must vacate the room.  If there is no group waiting, an additional 30 minutes may be allowed.  The room cannot be reserved for back to back use.
  • At no time should the room and personal belongings be left unattended.
  • Noise levels must be kept a reasonable level.  Excessive noise and behavior may result in the group being asked to leave.
  • The front window cannot be obstructed in any way.
  • Furnishings from other parts of the library may not be brought into the room.
  • Additional equipment (laptops, cables, phone chargers, etc.) may be checked out at the Operations desk.
  • External software cannot be uploaded to the room’s computer.  At no time can the room’s equipment can be unplugged or moved nor can personal laptops be plugged into the Ethernet cable.
  • All accounts on the room’s computer must be logged out of when room time expires.
  • Any problems with the room or equipment in the room should be reported to the Operations Staff immediately.

For questions concerning the use of the room, please contact the Operations Department at 501.569.3123 or