1998 – Apprenticeship in Literacy: Transitions Across Reading and Writing

Linda Dorn, Cathy French, and Tammy Jones, 1998.

Apprenticeship in Literacy: Transitions Across Reading and Writing. Portland, ME: Stenhouse Publishers.

An apprenticeship approach to literacy emphasizes the role of the teacher in providing demonstrations, engaging children, monitoring their understanding, providing timely support and, ultimately, withdrawing that support as the child gains independence. As children become more competent readers and writers, the instructional interactions are adjusted to accommodate their higher-level learning. Drawing from authentic classroom examples—student writing samples, class schedules, photographs, and rich transcriptions of teaching and learning interactions—the authors illustrate instruction that is aimed at children’s learning zones. The authors also cover such practical matters as establishing routines and organizing the classroom environment, including rotation schedules for meeting with small groups of children, lists of materials for establishing literacy corners, and literacy corner activities designed to provide the children with opportunities for independent practice. With Apprenticeship in Literacy you can achieve a balanced literacy program that works for all your students.

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