PCL Literacy Coaches Participate in Real-Time Virtual Experiences

virtualThe clinical training for literacy coaches in the PCL model has gone virtual! The training builds on the successful Reading Recovery ‘behind the glass’ concept to create live teaching opportunities and interactive discussions with teachers across the country.

During a three-day clinical training in September, literacy coaches used teleconferencing to observe live teaching of intervention groups. A teacher in Spokane, Washington taught a group of 2nd grade students in a Guided Reading Plus intervention; a teacher in Pembine, Wisconsin taught a kindergarten group in an Interactive Writing intervention; and a teacher in Russellville, Arkansas taught a 4th grade group in a Comprehension Focus Group intervention. Prior to each lesson, the teacher introduced her instructional goal and provided information on the students’ literacy behaviors. As the teacher taught, school teams in remote sites muted their audio and discussed the instructional interactions while recording evidence of teaching and learning behaviors. At the end of each lesson, the teacher who taught her students reflected on her teaching, and Dr. Linda Dorn facilitated a cross-country discussion that engaged the teachers in using observational data to collaboratively plan the next steps in the students’ intervention.

virtual2In November, the clinical experience was replicated with a middle school teacher from Council Bluffs, Iowa who taught a group of 7th graders in a Comprehension Focus Group intervention. Approximately 300 educators across 12 states participated in this professional learning.

The new PCL coaches from Wyoming, Missouri, and Arkansas use electronic tablets to interact with their UALR trainers throughout the school day on the various aspects of their coaching role. In addition, the university trainers schedule individual conferences with literacy coaches and provide immediate feedback on their teaching of struggling readers. The use of technology has enabled Center trainers to provide literacy coaches with more frequent and personalized support within their school settings.

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